Musical Instruments & Gear Wind & Woodwind Band & Orchestral Recorders
yamaha Tenor Recorder
Dimestore Dreams Tonette Recorder w/ Box and Instructions 30600
Colorful 8-hole Soprano Descant Recorder Music Instrument with Cleaning Rod #DT4
Yamaha YRB-302B Professional Bass Recorder with Baroque Fingering
AULOS Symphony Bass Recorder Baroque 533B E with Soft Case New from Japan EMS
Used Woodwind, Brass Musical Instruments Harbor Harmful Bacteria and Fungi
Research has shown that playing a musical instrument can help nourish, cultivate, and increase intelligence in children, but playing a used instrument also can pose a potentially dangerous health risk. Used woodwind ... their school's band ensemble and ...
Conductor makes free-wheeling debut with Chicago Composers Orchestra
Both of them were elegantly shaded, with the music alternately gathering momentum and settling back into near-silence. At times we clearly heard a musical instrument’s voice—a fluttering woodwind ... the Grant Wallace Band, a three-man ensemble ...
Palm Beach Pops brings Music & You to 4 schools
The music teachers at each school were unanimous in their praise of the program and the opportunity it brings to their students, many of them from lower income households. Each session focuses on a section of the orchestra (brass, woodwinds, strings and ...
Music Man Ready For Finale at High School
Wayne Smith, longtime band director for Tyler County Schools, teaches woodwind instruments to junior high students ... who was named as state Band Master for 2008. Smith traced his musical roots to his teacher at Edison Middle School in Parkersburg.
What to expect at this month’s band concerts
The band consists of 70 woodwind, brass and percussion players and is a mix of Ferris students and community members. The WCCB is sponsored by Ferris State University as part of its “Music ... This orchestra is composed of only string instruments and ...
Vintage The Swanson Tonette Flute-Made in U.S.A
Yamaha YRS314B Yrs-314B Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering
Hohner 9522 2-Piece Maple Soprano Baroque Recorder
Wood Simulated3(knob gold/Ivory) Recorder Set/Bass/Tenor/Alto/Soprano/Sopranino
Dimestore Dreams Tonette In Box with Instructions and 50 Tunes
Yamaha YRT304B 3 Piece Tenor Recorder - Baroque
Yamaha YRT-304B Tenor Recorder - Key of C
TLM-433 3 x 4.3” TFT LCD Monitors
10X-Woodnote-Pro. 8 Hole Maple Wood Soprano Recorder-Baroque-Leatherette Bag
Recorder Ivory White Canto One-Piece Soprano With Baroque Fingering
AULOS RECORDER w/ Carrying Case ~ Nice Condition ~
Vintage Wood Zamir Recoder made in Israel FREE SHIPPING FAST!
Hohner Kids S9319 Soprano Recorder (3 Piece) with FREE Shipping
Chromatic Fife C Recorder + fingering chart + carry bag
Lot of 2 (Key of C & Key of D) - Matte Black Irish Whistle & leatherette bag
Dolmetsch Treble Recorder Plastic Used In Original Box Vintage Retro
Lot of 7 Yamaha Soprano Descant Plastic Recorder YRS-24B With Bag
Yamaha Great bus recorder YAMAHA YRGB-61 NEW
School Descant/Soprano Recorder Case & Chart 17 Colours EXTRA DISCOUNT FOR 2+
Vintage Tonette Recorder USA Made
Yamaha Yrs302B Ll Soprano Recorder & Original Zipper Pouch
Solid Maple F Alto BAROQUE Recorder Plus Solid Wood Soprano Recorder
Yamaha YRT-304B Professional Tenor Recorder with Baroque Fingering
SALE! Hohner Alto Recorder w/Vinyl Case Model #9577 German Made! COMPARE @ $80
Angel Soprano Halo Recorder Lot Of 2 With Carrying Cases
Woodnote Brand - Set of 2 / Pro. Ivory white Alto & SopIrano Recorders
Stagg REC-BAR-TBL Plastic Recorder, Baroque Fingering, Soprano Trans Blue
Yamaha Superio Recorder B German & Baroque System JAPAN w/ Manual Very Good Plus
LOT OF 2 - Yamaha soprano Baroque Recorder C14
Dolmetsch Recorder Musical Instrument Made In England UK 3499 Used Original Box
Beatiful - 11 Multi-Color Soprano Recorders Set -Baroque
Dimestore Dreams Tonette #30600 with Box & Instructions 2000 50 Tunes
Yamaha YRA-302B Professional Rottenburgh Alto Recorder w/ Pourch
Angel 211 Angel Soprano Recorder
Woodnote Matte Black 8 Holes Soprano Recorder Flute-Baroque/Leatherette Bag
Yamaha YRA-314B Alto 3 Piece Recorder - Simulated Ebony
Tascam DR-680MKII Portable Multichannel Recorder Basic Bundle w/ battery and mor
Lot of 3 Recorders, 2 Peripole - PB 6000, 1 Yamaha - YRS 24B w cases, nice cond
Yamaha Cordura Recorder Case hold a sopranino, soprano, alto, and tenor recorder
Yamaha Soprano Recorder Baroque and LMI Recorder Soprano Lot
Hohner 9520 Two Piece Baroque Soprano Recorder
MOECK Recorder Maple Wooden Soprano Baroque S-01 World #0002
2 pre-owned recorder recorders large Japan YAMAHA instrument & Hohner German
Yamaha Recorder with Baroque Fingering
Renaissance Bass Flute in G/440 Hz
Yamaha YRA-28B Alto 3-Piece Plastic Recorder w/ Pouch
Hohner Classic Line Soprano Recorder Key C, 2 Piece Pearwood, Includes Case 9532
Vtg Yamaha 18 Inch Plastic Alto Recorder
Vintage Aunuet Wooden Recorder with Case and Cleaner West Germany Free Shipping!
Yamaha Yra-302B Professional Alto Recorder With Baroque Fingering
Woodnote 8 Holes Baroque Soprano Recorder(Maple Brown Wood) + Bag
YAMAHA ALTO RECORDER YRA 302BII with case and accessories.
Stagg REC-GER-TRD Plastic Recorder, Baroque Fingering, Soprano, Trans Red
Pro. 8 Holes Matte Black / Key of C Fife Flute with leatherette bag & Chart
Yamaha YRS-23Y Soprano Recorder, Key of C
Yamaha YRA-28BIII Alto Recorder, Key of F
Suzuki Recorder Soprano 🎶 Musical Instrument SRE-500 3 Pc + 2nd Recorder & Book
Mollenhauer Wooden Recorder/ Flute
Yamaha YRA314B Alto Recorder Baroque Fingering In Simulated Wood Finish
NEW Vintage Aulos Recorder Soprano 2 Piece English Fingering No. 303N E
MPI Soprano Recorder #211202, Baroque Fingering, Leather Bag.
Yamaha YRS-302B Professional Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering
Hohner educator recorder flute germany VG 2 pc 13" wood
Yamaha YRA-314B Alto Recorder with Baroque Fingering 
Soprano Recorder | Baroque Fingering System | #211202 MPI Classic & Leather Bag
Used Yamaha Soprano Recorder Baroque - Ivory w/Case
8Bees Descant Soprano Recorder 8 Hole with Cleaning Rod,Basic Musical Instrument
Yamaha YRT-304B Professional Tenor Recorder with Baroque Fingering  
Peripole Angel soprano Recorder Model PB6000 Baroque Fingering
Yamaha Alto Recorder Baroque w/ Soft Case - Excellent Condition
Suzuki Recorder E SRE-300 plastic, w/ pouch, cleaning tool, fingering chart
Yamaha YRA-28B Alto Recorder, Key of F
Soprano Recorder Yamaha Double Holes Key of C Natural
Yamaha YRS-24B Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering
New Twin Color-Black & Ivory Tenor Recorder - Free U.S Shipping - Limited
Recorder Transparent Yellow Canto Onepiece Translucent Soprano Baroque Fingering
Yamaha Soprano Recorder YRS-302B III With Case, Instructions Japan
Woodnote- Wood Simulated color Alto Recorder - ABS Resin Plastic
Alto F Recorder - Baroque - By Yamaha
Peripole The Original “Angel” Soprano Halo Recorder PB 6000 - Baroque Fingering
Yamaha Soprano/Descant Recorder Baroque - Transclucent Blue
Paititi Soprano Recorder Baroque 8-Hole Neck Cord Carrying Case Cleaning Rod
Shenandoah Recorder Trio - 2 Alto Recorder and bass recorder or cello NEW
Kingso 8-Hole Soprano Descant Recorder With Cleaning Rod + Case Bag Music Instru
Hohner "Melody" 3-Piece Alto Recorder w/Vinyl Case Model #9577 German Made SALE
Yamaha YRN-302B Professional Sopranino Recorder with Baroque Fingering
Suzuki SRE-300 Soprano Recorder Made in Japan & Tonette Black Recorder AS IS
Suzuki SRG-405 Soprano Recorder Set w/ Cleaning Cloth, Brush & Rod, Musical Play
Nuvo Soprano Recorder+ Silicone German/Baroque Key System - Green with Case
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