Musical Instruments & Gear Wind & Woodwind Other Wind & Woodwind
D'Addario Reserve Mouthpiece Patch for Clarinet or Saxophone, Clear, 5 pack
Yamaha YVS100 Venova Casual Plastic Wind Instrument w/ Mouthpiece & Case
Metal Kazoo Wind Instruments C Tone Flute Kids Early Education Orff Instrument
bamboo 4 hole flute native American
Authentic Hand Made Native American Flute, Yazzie Wolf, Key of F# with FREE Bag
ACME Signal Horn Made In England Black 566 Very Loud & Homemade Version (#100)
This Week In New Music (20th April 2013)
A guy named Jai Paul gave every enthused music scribe an extra working day when in the ... The whole piece is expert, full of woodwind instruments could probably find themselves sampled on a Clark or Bonobo record. And lining it all together is some ...
Giving the gift of music
The Bill Wright School of Music now offers instruction in guitar, bass, drums, piano, keyboards, vocal, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and all violin and woodwind family instruments. Even specific styles can studied, such as rock, jazz, blues, folk, country ...
Wind Symphony and Concert Band Presenting “Them Bones”
The wind symphony is made up of 48 student-musicians who play woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. The members largely consist of music majors and minors who are chosen by audition each semester. The band is comprised of 50 members and is ...
Music Room
The ground floor has the largest printed music department in the area coupled with a wide selection of instruments ranging from Acoustic Pianos, Electronic Pianos, Keyboards, Brass, Woodwind, Violins, and a huge rock department First Floor: Nord ...
Musical Instruments
Early woodwind virtuoso François Lazarevitch ... This double-EP offers differing takes on 17th-century musical strains, pairing one disc of romantically themed pieces by English composers with a suite of five Mexican songs arranged as a tribute to ...
Cannonball Alto Saxophone Big Bell Stone Series - Not A scratch On It!!!
Metal Kazoo Wind Instruments C Tone Flute Kids Early Education Orff Instrument
Metal Kazoo Wind Instruments C Tone Flute Kids Early Education Orff Instrument
Metal Kazoo Wind Instruments C Tone Flute Kids Early Education Orff Instrument
NEW Korean Traditional Bamboo Flute Musical Instruments with Pouch and Case
Dukoff D8 Tenor Sax Mouthpiece
Metal Kazoo Wind Instruments C Tone Flute Kids Early Education Orff Instrument
WindSong Rosewood Flute with Pearl Inlay Traditional Asian Fingering Key of G
Piano Switch Mini SPDT Toggle ON/OFF OFF/ON Hot Sale 2Pcs
Metal Kazoo Wind Instruments C Tone Flute Kids Early Education Orff Instrument
Metal Kazoo Wind Instruments C Tone Flute Kids Early Education Orff Instrument
native american flute
Nuvo - Toot Flute (White/Blue) 
Hohner Panther FA Pantera Acordeon FBE FBbEb NEW Accordion +GigBag_Straps_Tshirt
alto saxophone buescher aristocrat True Tone
Nuvo jSax Plastic Saxophone Black Body with Black Keys
1967 Selmer Mark 6 Tenor Sax
Vintage Argonaut Italian Flute
Wurlitzer American C Melody Saxophone
Lot of 5 Plastic Slide Whistle Whistles Assorted Colors
Native American cedar flute with hand carved Eagle head by David Nighteagle
Yamaha Venova Casual Wind Instrument
Meinl Wood Didgeridoo Bamboo Brown 47 in.
TKL Zero Gravity Clarinet Case VERY High Quality - Excellent Condition
Vintage Victory Harmonica in the Box, Goodlin GL1016
Meinl Wood Didgeridoo Bamboo Brown 47 Inch
Clarke PENNYWHISTLE in KEY OF D Penny Whistle Irish Renaissance Wood Tin
Aaron Drake NY Jazz Alto Sax Mouthpiece
2oz Shellac Flakes for Jewelry Woodwind Instrument Adhesive Stone Setters Cement
Professional Brazil Latin Samba Whistle Tri-Tone Plastic Gear White+ Black P4Q8
Zorna Mizmar Snake Charmer Wind Instrument Nice Rare Gift
Wood Simulated 12-Hole Alto C Ocarina Flute With Quality Craftsmanship
Woodwind Brass Instrument Wind pressure wheel repair tools Flute/sax/Trumpet
YAMAHA BT7 MIDI Adapter Power Pack with leather case wx5 wx7 wx11
Tarogato From Hungary
Native American Flute 19.5” Low Note - Handmade Awesome W/ Case
Tarogato from Romania
Tenor Saxophone, Cecilio TS-280 LN Tenor Saxophone
14 inch Mangal Vadya Shehnai ShenaiI Indian Folk Music Instrument Sehnai shenai
16 inch Mangal Vadya Shehnai ShenaiI Indian Folk Music Instrument Sehnai shenai
NEW - Hohner Kids Plastic Train Whistle
Nuvo TooT Student Flute Black/Blue
Old 2.2 Shakuhachi w. root end, Kinko Mouthpiece Excellent Plays Nice!!
Toca Curved Didgeridoo Tribal Sun
Bontempi Toy Clarinet for Kids ~Damaged Box Upon Receiving Toy Perfectly Fine~
Toca Duro Didgeridoo Orange Swirl
Nuvo TooT Student Flute White/Pink
Nuvo DooD Student Clarinet White/Blue
Nuvo TooT Student Flute Black/Black
10 inch Mangal Vadya Shehnai ShenaiI Indian Folk Music Instrument Sehnai shenai
Nuvo DooD Student Clarinet White/Green
Meinl Didgeridoo Black
19.5" Bamboo Flute by Erik the Flutemaker
17.5" Bamboo Flute by Erik the Flutemaker
11" Bamboo Flute by Erik the Flutemaker
Nuvo TooT Student Flute White/Green
Dave the Cat Tie - Guitar Fretboar
5 PCS Basic Traditional THAI toy, spinning with nice sound ของเล่นไทย ๆ
Nuvo DooD Student Clarinet White/Pink
Meinl Professional Synthetic Didgeridoo Black
Nuvo TooT Student Flute Black/Black
Anasazi Flute * End-blown * Directly from WorkShop * 50 cm WoodWind
Meinl Wood Didgeridoo Bamboo Brown 47 Inch
Nuvo jSax Plastic Saxophone Black Body with Blue Keys
Meinl Beeswax Didgeridoo Mouthpiece
Buescher True Tone Baritone Saxophone
Meinl Beeswax Didgeridoo Mouthpiece
Nuvo TooT Student Flute Black/Blue
Yamaha YTR-2320 Trumpet Japanese Made, Original case, Mouthpiece. 
"Old Pitch" fife in African blackwood
Yanagisawa A-901
Andreas Eastman 52nd Street EAS652-RL
Susato Kildare Pennywhistle, V-Series. Choose pitch: G, F#, F, E, Eb or D
Vintage 1923 Conn "New Wonder" Bb Soprano Saxophone - Excellent Pre-Chu
Accordiana Excelsior 604 Accordion With Original Case
Hohner AIRBOARD37 37-Key Airboard with Bag and Blowflow Mouthpiece
Vintage Pedler Co US Model A Clarinet Sgt. Army
Susato Oriole Pennywhistle. Choose pitch: Eb, D, C or B-flat
Susato Kildare Pennywhistles, S-Series. Set of 3 bodies with 1 head.
Mini Alto Saxophone Littlesax Copper Pocket Sax Musical Instrument with Bag
APM American Fife Key of C Nickel
Jean Baptiste Soprano JB 65/L
Fox Model 555 English Horn Double Reed Instrument
Beautiful Little Wooden FIFE!! IRISH?
Muramatsu Silver Headjoint - Summer Sale!
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Yamaha's "hybrid" approach to foreign trade zones
The importer of musical instruments and audio-visual equipment found it could achieve both of those ... imports them into the United States for distribution in U.S. and other markets in the Americas. U.S.-bound shipments arrive by ocean and ...
Presented by Gaudreaus Auction Company
QUALITY FIREARMS & WEAPONS PLUS VINTAGE MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS ... equipment, radios (including a Fada mod. 711 butterscotch with Tomato trim), various vintage stereos, 2 saxophones from the turn of the century (plus 3 others saxophones) other ...
ZAM focuses on UNWTO entertainment but——-
He explained that musicians are able to play live music if only musical instruments are made available to the artists. Mr Zulu said most of the Zambian musicians do not have music equipment to ... microphones excluding other music component ...
Central College collecting donated instruments for Yucatan orchestra
Founded in 2008 by master violinist Jose Luis Chan Sabido, more than 400 students are involved with the program, which is supported entirely by equipment ... instruments, though other donations are equally appreciated. The program also gratefully accepts ...
Gruv Gear Launches "Sessions" Featuring Exclusive Live Studio Performances By Renowned Musicians
California-based music accessories ... signature instruments, the addition of Ricky Lawson was a welcome and pleasant surprise. “We had arranged Damian and David to be at the studio that week,” recalls Jay Baldemor, President of Gruv Gear.
Moog Music Polarizes its Synthesizers, Releases All White Instruments
ASHEVILLE, NC – November 14, 2012 – Today Moog Music announced the limited edition release of an all white series of its classic analog instruments. Moog has polarized the color of their traditionally black steel and natural wood instruments to a solid ...